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The Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Mexico is pleased to annouce the openning of the first Orthopedic Urgent Care in the state of New Mexico. The clinic is geared toward caring for acute orthopedic injuries which include fractures, cuts, bruises, sprains, work related orthopedic injuries, and  back injuries. Our services include CASTINGSPLINTING, and diagnostic imaging with a state-of-the art  ON-SITE DIGITAL X-RAY. 

The clinic will be open from 7:30am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday, and the care will be provided by Cyd Roller C.N.P., in conjuction with Omar Osmani. Cyd has more then 30 years experience in orthopedics; she started initially as a cast tech, then moved up with her education. Over the last three years, she was a provider in the emergency room at a local hospital, then a provider at a local urgent care. We are glad she decided to be part of this new project to provide specialized care at the start.

There is no need to be waiting for long hours in the emergency room when you have an acute orthopedic injury that need attention. Orthopedic injuries are never top priorities in the hospital emergency room and as a result they always end up waiting the longest.

No need for referral or appointment just walk-in and your injuries will be cared for by our professional and friendly team in the most efficient and effective way.

Doctor shows information: walk-in clinic                                                 Young girl with a cast on a broken wrist or arm  smiling

Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Mexico

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I feel very lucky to have Dr. Osmani as my Orthopedic doctor. He answered all the questions my wife and I had with using layman's term. He gave us several options to approach my illness and gave us his recommendation. His manner and demeanor made us feel very comfortable. Prior to the consultation, I had to have MRI and the MRI technician (I am very sorry but I forgot her name) displayed professionalism and concerns to my comfort level. His practice remind me of a fine Swiss made wrist watch. It was very obvious to me that Dr. Osmani, nurses, technicians, office staff, and other employees work as a great team. We reside approximately 75 miles from his office and we would have driven 500 miles to receive his care. Even though, I face a huge medical challenge with my illness, without any fear of doubt I know my condition will improve because you gave me the most important key elements to get better. Hope and positive attitude. Thank you so much Dr. Osmani and his staff. With kind regards, I remain. T.K.

- Takanobu K

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