Rotator Cuff Repair

Shoulder pain and mostly pain with overhead work can be due to impingement syndrome with or without rotator cuff tear. Patients who do not respond to physical therapy and injections, and have evidence of a torn rotator cuff or tendon around the shoulder, benefit from rotator cuff repair and acromioplasty (undercutting the spurs in the shoulder causing the impingement). At The Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Mexico we offer a less invasive rotator cuff repair and acromioplasty. This surgery is done in an outpatient setting and the patient will usually go home a few hours after the surgery. Patients are given a shoulder block at the beginning or end of the procedure which will insure no pain for the the first 14 to 18 hours after the surgery, after which the pain is more easily manageable with regular pain pills. For more information please call Roswell Office Phone Number 575-623-9101