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Shoulder Replacement


Shoulder Arthroplasty

The shoulder is one of the most complicated joints. Spine and Orthopedic Center of New Mexico has an expert staff to treat conditions from soreness to chronic pain. Total shoulder arthroplasty may be recommended if arthritis or degenerative joint disease makes your shoulder stiff and painful, or if the upper arm bone is fractured so badly that tissue death may result.



Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder surgery may be an option you need to consider if you have a hard time rotating your shoulder in every direction, lack strength to carry out normal daily activities, or the shoulder feels like it could pop out of the socket at any moment. 

If your rotator cuff is intact, you will be eligible for an anatomic shoulder replacement. If it is not intact, you may benefit from a reverse shoulder replacement. A reverse shoulder replacement is a situation where the ball and the socket are switched due to the deficient muscle function. Please click on the video for a shoulder replacement illustration.




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