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5 Types of Fractures

When you break a bone, the pain is temporary, but the effects can last for months. Knowing what type of fracture you've sustained helps you understand your treatment options. Keep reading to learn more about several key types of fractures.

May 18th, 2021
How Arthroscopy Works

Do you need orthopedic surgery but are scared of large incisions and long recovery times? Arthroscopic surgery avoids the big incisions, and painful recovery. Keep reading to learn more about how this procedure works.

Apr 18th, 2021
Learn About Our New Osteoporosis Treatment

Are you worried about brittle bones? Osteoporosis is something that can lead to broken bones, so getting ahead of it is key. Keep reading to learn more about our new osteoporosis treatment that helps you get back on your feet.

Mar 16th, 2021
What to Expect at Your Orthopedic Visit

Have you recently suffered an injury and need to see an orthopedist? If so, you might be wondering what to expect at your visit. Keep reading to learn more about what an orthopedic appointment entails.

Feb 21st, 2021
Life After a Knee Replacement

Is your knee bothering you so bad that you need a knee replacement? The good news is after surgery you're on your way to pain-free living. But what else can you expect? Keep reading to learn more about what to expect following a knee replacement.

Jan 17th, 2021
Signs You May Need Hip Replacement Surgery

Does hip pain prohibit you from doing the things you love? Sometimes, it can be treated conservatively, but what happens when the pain persists? A total hip replacement may be in your future. Read on to find out when hip surgery may be the next step.

Dec 29th, 2020
Does Typing Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you have a job where you use the computer a lot? If so, you may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome — or are you? Read on to find out the true link, if there is one, between carpal tunnel syndrome and typing.

Nov 11th, 2020
Physical Therapy for Back Pain: What to Expect

Back pain isn't only painful, but can be downright debilitating. So what can you do to get back on your feet? Physical therapy may be just the thing you need. Read more about physical therapy and what you can expect at your appointments.

Oct 14th, 2020
Should You Have Both Knees Replaced at the Same Time?

Knee replacements are a big deal and a pretty intense surgery. So what happens when both of your knees are damaged and need surgery? Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of bilateral knee surgery and how it can change your life.

Sep 16th, 2020
When Does Wrist Arthritis Require Surgery?

Wrist pain can make your everyday activities almost unbearable. If you have arthritis in your joint, you’re probably looking for permanent pain relief. Find out about arthritis in your wrist and when you’ll need to consider surgery.

Aug 13th, 2020
Sprain vs. Fracture: How to Tell If It’s a Broken Bone

If you’ve ever sustained an injury, you know that pain can be deceiving. So how can you tell if your injury is more serious than just a sprain or strain? Learn more about how to determine if you’ve suffered a fracture.

Jul 28th, 2020
What's the Best Age for a Hip Replacement?

Thanks to new surgical techniques and better materials, people of all ages are benefitting from hip replacements. If you’d like to explore whether a hip replacement is right for you, whether you’re 40 or 80, here’s what you should know.

Jun 1st, 2020